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A leading provider of cash handling systems and expertise
Founded in Miami in 1981 as a trading company, AccuBANKER quickly found itself in the epicenter of counterfeit production and distribution. Using its entrepreneurial vision and innovation AccuBANKER was the first to expand its portfolio of counterfeit detection and cash room automation with products specifically designed for Retailers, Supermarkets and Hospitality markets. Today AccuBANKER helps its clients by working with Loss Prevention, Store Ops and Finance teams to prevent counterfeit losses and avoid cash shrink with best practices and technology implementations. On average our projects return sub 1 year ROIs and financial metrics that work their way to the bottom line.
Answering yes to one of these 10 questions could mean you should consider evaluating how to decrease cash shrink and handling cost.
On average AB SmartCash Solutions help clients achieve a
significant ROI and thousands of $ in recovered revenue per
year with:
- Cost and Shrink reductions of: 83%
- 3 year ROIs of: 353%
- Payback periods less than: 10 months
- IRRs of: 103%
Evaluate your company's cash shrink exposure and expected ROI for our solutions with our risk free pilot program.