Smarter Cash Handling

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Helping our clients decrease losses and create efficiency by working with Retail Store Accounting and Loss Prevention teams across multiple industries our AB Cash Handling Advisors are able to help our clients with the experience and technology needed to prevent counterfeit losses, reduce cash shrink and create efficiency in the cash room. In sharing their expertise, best practices consulting, developing tailored Cash Handling Policies and Procedures and recommending Cash Handling Technology our advisors offer Smarter Cash Handling projects with strong ROIs.

Once an AB Smarter Cash Handling Project is implemented, on average, our clients profit by decreasing their counterfeit cash cost, cash shrink and cash handling cost up to 83%, with a 10 month payback and a 353% ROI over the following 3 years. After conducting our 360 ROI analysis, our clients typically confirm increased net profits equal to thousands of dollars in lost sales per store per year. AccuBANKER has worked across a diverse pool of industries and provided value with our AB Smarter Cash Handling projects.Our AB Cash Advisors are eager to assist with evaluating and developing a project or pilot program and Business Case that can deliver real results. 

Project Targets: 

  • Protect stores from accepting counterfeit bills
  • Develop Policies and Procedures to guide employees when a suspect bill is presented (e.g. Cashier/ Customer responses)
  • Decrease cash shrink with quick till skims
  • Verify IDs for restricted purchases and Patriot Act compliance
  • Reduce cash exposure and robbery in back office with quicker counts
  • Prepare deposit with an automated Batch & Strap process