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We Start with Initial Discovery

  • First we listen to the challenges you are facing
  • Then we dig deeper to understand who is impacted
  • We then continue by discovering if/ how we can help

Conduct Security Audits

  • Once we've identified areas of cash loss exposure, we help our clients research and collect store and corporate level data
  • We then deliver a Discovery Report that quantifies the exposure to cash losses

Provide Impact Analysis

  • We start this conversation by reviewing the data collected and operational goals
  • We then help benchmark the store level exposure to industry #s and establish Operational Goals
  • Confirming the results, we continue to work to quantify its cost and estimated reductions if goals are met.

Estimate Project Value and ROI

  • Based on the collected data, futures analysis and operating goals, an AB Smarter Cash Handling Recommendation and Project Plan is proposed.
  • We present and review an initial Project Valuation and Business Case

Develop a Formal Project Plan &Implementation Schedule

  • We help develop Joint Treasury, LP & Store Ops Project Plans
  • Work with Project Sponsors, Project Managers and Implementation Teams
  • Develop and implement Policy and Procedures Guides
  • Review and Close Out Cash Security Project

Conduct a post installation 360 ROI Analysis

  • After 90 days we revisit the Security Audits
  • Contact Management Teams to collect data
  • Survey stores for post installation feedback
  • Present the Executive Team the result of the 360 ROI Analysis