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In down economies, retail theft typically increases. What's been interesting to follow is the disproportioned rise in counterfeiting. From young kids passing off fake $10s to the little old Cafeteria Lady, more professional counterfeiters that bleach and reprint bills, to state sponsored counterfeiting by North Korea, counterfeits are passing hands every second. In fact you have probably unknowingly had one in your wallet at some point. This problem affects businesses both directly in the losses they incur and in increases in liability and legal exposure.

1.) Innocent couple arrested after unknowingly passing a counterfeit bill.
With quality counterfeits passing more hands, more and more innocent customers are taking a loss and landing in jail. What's your policy? 



2.) How Counterfeiters Bleach Bills
In a Dateline special report, Chris Hansen goes behind the scene on a string operation with a professional counterfeiter. For $1,500 dollar he'll show you just how easy it is to make bleached bills.



3.) US Treasury Department admits to counterfeit activity increase by 10x
With the increase use of higher quality printers, counterfeiting is on the rise and the counterfeits are passing the pen test causing serious losses.


4.) Millbrook hit with counterfeit cash that avoids detection
The transaction started like most; the customer ordered a sandwich, grabbed a drink and handed the cashier money. But, the bill turned out to be a “phony Franklin”.